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Hi interested reader,

great to see you here. Hopefully you entered this website because

  • you are a MetaTrader user in general,
  • ideally a MetaTrader user that does automatic trading or wants to share trading signals with other users and
  • in the best case you're looking for a possibility to establish a communication channel between MetaTrader and a messenger.

Does this hit the nail on the head? Then this website may be very interesting for you. If you are at least a MetaTrader user there is a little chance that you may get inspired from the idea of MetaTrader chatting with you - and vice versa smile Sample use cases of that might be the following:

  • Get a notification whenever an expert advisor makes a trade by sending Telegram messages or emails.
  • Receive scheduled messages with screenshots of the charts on your screen, either as Telegram photos or files or as email attachment.
  • Remotely instruct your expert advisor to go out of a trade by reading Telegram messages and commands.

If you need information about how to use the modules go to the modules section. There you will find general information about them but also API docs and MetaQuotes Language (MQL) examples that ship with the source code on Github for each version.

If you are already familiar with MMM just hit the download section.

If there are any questions left

If you think that these modules are useful for you and you would like to support me, have a look at the donation page.

If you would like to dive into the sources visit the Git repository.

Kind regards