If you're using a MetaTrader terminal with a version lower than MT5 build 1930 or if you're using MQL.Telegram with a version lower than 2.0 than you need to be aware of the bitness (32/64). All newer versions of the terminal/module and all other modules support both bitnesses with just only a single Dll (AnyCPU).


Use this module to handle emails in MataTrader.

32&64 Bit (AnyCpu)


Use this module to handle Telegram messages in MataTrader.

CAUTION: Because Telegram only supports TLS 1.2 and upwards since 02/2020 you need to use a library from those in that list, that are not striked out. The striked versions will not be fixed. and are left for testing and documentation purposes for specific users.

MT5 users 

Please use the latest binaries with the highest version. These binaries are different than those before version 2.0. They are bitness independent and use a different syntax that MT5 introduced in 2019. This syntax is sugar for 3rd party developers like me (behind the scenes there is going on a lot more besides the syntax thing what makes it easier for me to code and rollout the binaries) and so it will be the style that will be supported in the future. See their release notes for more information.

MT4 users

Allthough not officially supported you can use the version 1.3. This version was the last one that used the "old" style of import directives and function calls (see MT release notes for more information.), which is why it is useable in MT5 and MT4. Since version 2.0 there is no more compatibility with MT4. This is also the reason why I decided to fix this version for TLS 1.2 support. But this branch will probably not get any further features/support. 

32&64 Bit (AnyCpu)
32&64 Bit (AnyCpu)
32 Bit
64 Bit
1.232 Bit
64 Bit


32 Bit
64 Bit